Our Vision and Mission

Shezan group vision is to provide the finest dining experience though a team of happy & enlightened Service professionals. We exist to serve new guests as well as maintain our growing guest-list through great service & value-added offering and by providing quality-catering service to our clients.

We aim to achieve our mission by

  • Expanding regionally so we can provide entire neighborhoods with our authentic taste.
  • Reaching every home through an advanced delivery system & packaging that incorporates Speed & efficiency and through providing exceptional service in our catering service without Compromising on taste.
  • To provide a professional & caring environment for people to work, learn & grow.
  • To make profits conscientiously & contribute to society as a responsible member of the World.

Why Shezan?

Shezan group is shaping an impressive record, based on well-organized strategy and resolute challenges. At Shezan, we emphasis on professional integrated commitment which enables us to understand the need of client fit together to ensure quality service and products.We have achieved market cosistancy across all disciplines through our restaurant chain and catering service all over the UAE

Our Speciality

The strength of Shezan group lies in its capability to provide diverse products and services in multiple businesses and industries ranging from multi cuisine restaurants, food courts, catering services to hypermarket and supermarkets, real estate and general contracting company Shezan Group continuing its growth and its transformation with the advancement of expertise as its basis.

Address 1:

Office No Mezaine M1
Ahmed Saif Al Rumaithy Tower
Abu Dhabi


+971 2 5634488, +971 2 5645116

Address 2:

Office No Mezaine M1
Transguard Accomodation Building
Dubai, U.A.E


+971 4 8868001

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